Find key clauses quickly and easily

Current events have raised many questions about COVID-19’s effect on key contract terms, creating an urgent need to quickly access and assess clauses across all types of contracts. In the wake of these challenges, many are wondering about language and specific clauses that can help to determine the best course of action when negotiating with suppliers, landlords and other stakeholders about appropriate and mutually beneficial arrangements.

If you are affected by the pandemic and want to review your contracts closely to quickly find important terms, our new solution can help you find critical clauses quickly.

Often, the manual search and analysis of crucial clauses related to the current circumstances are resource-intensive and time-consuming, putting additional pressure to respond quickly. With the advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Optical Character Recognition (OCR), this pressure can be significantly reduced by utilising automated contract reviews and smart document search with direct links to key terms.

About MRI Lease Insights

MRI Lease Insights is an AI-powered, smart OCR solution, first setup to allow the search key clauses across the entire portfolio of leases or sub-selection of leases without having to read through them manually. However, MRI Lease Insights can also be used to locate several key clauses within an array of other contract types, such as maintenance and supplier agreements.



Find important and pertinent clauses quickly and easily with our advanced OCR scan and search.



Search your whole portfolio of leases, and other contractual agreements for specific keywords and phrases.



Automatically export into Excel the searched phrases, lease and document name, page number, and link to the exact location.

Affordably Priced & Easy to Start

MRI Lease Insights is just $20 per lease and includes one-year access to our advanced OCR technology for lease digitisation and search. The promotion is valid until June 30, 2020. To get started, contact your Account Manager or complete the form on this page and one of our Lease Intelligence experts will reach out to answer all your questions and discuss next steps.